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6-month Weight Loss Program (maintenance available)

Our 6-month personalized Weight Loss program focused on your own metabolism and micronutrient levels. By assessing your medical history, weight loss goals and labs, our Board-Certified Doctor can create a data-driven personalized plan for your weight loss.

Our science based solution includes lifestyle changes, nutrition counseling, diet recommendations and medication (when necessary), to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and reduce the risk of major health problems like: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer & Alzheimer's.

Price (Non-Members)

Price (Members)

$200/mo (medication not included)

Free (medication not included)

Price (Non-Members)

Price (Members)



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Member's Access

  • Initial 60 minute consultation with a Board Certified Doctor

    to assess your medical and personal history

  • Unlimited check ups to adjust your

    treatment according to your goals

  • Continuous support during office hours

  • Access to Semaglutide or Tirzepatide

    prescriptions (billed separately)

  • Access to Member's prices for lab panels and kits

How it Works

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Fill Out Your Health Profile

Complete your profile to make your purchase

We Will Contact You

A member of our team will contact you, answer any questions you have, and then send you your lab order.

Visit a Lab Near You

Find a LabCorp near you to get your blood draw. We recommend going early in the morning, and arrive hydrated.

Get your results sent directly to your email

If you purchased a test with review, you will get a 45 minute appointment to review your results and get personalized recommendations from Dr. Garrick

6-month Weight Loss Program (maintenance available)

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