Through our Founder's, Dr. Garrick Baskerville, involvement in the Music, and Art communities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Austin, Texas, he learned—because of high costs—many Creatives and Service Industry workers did not have proper access to affordable health care.  He would treat them in a primary care or urgent care setting where they would usually come in when sick or injured and not for preventative or wellness care due to cost. They would simply say, "Doc, I can't afford to. I don't have insurance." This did not sit right with Dr. Garrick and he dreamed that he would one day come up with a better solution to care for everyone, regardless of whether they had insurance or not. He believes that everyone should have access to personal, affordable, and high quality health care.  

He believes that when you have access to quality health care that addresses your mind, body, and spirit, you will have improved health, wellness, and improved sense of being. With that in mind, Dr. Garrick founded METSI Care. METSI Care is not just a regular doctors office. Through METSI CARE, its members are able to come together as a community to learn about healthy living, experience new forms of creativity, and form new relationships with others within or outside their Industry.


At METSI Care, the environment is a FUN, RELAXED, space to truly help our members HEAL, CREATE, EXPERIENCE JOY and be FULLY  SELF-EXPRESSED!


METSI Care opened our first location on East 6th Street in Austin, Texas November 2019! We celebrated our Official Launch Part & Concert on February 20th, 2020 at Empire Garage!