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Our Story

In 2018, after being frustrated by the broken insurance-based healthcare system where Dr. Garrick wasn’t given enough time by the insurance companies to give the level of care he wanted to give, he decided to leave the insurance based system and start his own Direct Primary Care and Concierge Care doctor's office with a focus on HEALING AND PREVENTION. 


Unfortunately, the Traditional Insurance based Healthcare System we have in this country doesn't make money unless there are sick people on medications and having expensive tests & procedures. It is REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE. The quality of the care is limited by the restrictions and roadblocks placed by the Insurance Companies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers to maximize their profits.



That system incentivizes doctors to see as many people as possible, bill as high as possible for care, refer out to expensive specialists, order expensive labs, and incentivize expensive procedures to maximize their profits for the corporations and insurance companies. This leads to poor outcomes as patients are not given enough time with the doctor to fully explain what is going on with their bodies and often times many preventative tests are not available for the doctor to order because they are not covered by insurance.

The Traditional Insurance model doesn't focus on helping keep people WELL and helping people IMPROVE their health with the goal of BEING HEALTHIER and GETTING OFF medications pushed by BIG PHARMA.

Dr. Garrick decided he needed to leave the Traditional Insurance based model as it did not align with his values. He became a doctor to HELP HEAL and PREVENT suffering, in a way he couldn't do as a child when his father passed away from cancer. His goal is to extend life while maintaining a high quality of life, thus extending HEALTHSPAN.

At METSI Care, we empower our patients to take an active role in their healthcare, promoting health and wellness through preventative measures, and removing the barriers that stand in the way of quality care.

When patients come to METSI Care, the doctor-patient relationship is restored as there is a shift in the incentives from maintaining sickness/disease in the Traditional Insurance based model to a Proactive, Personalized, Holistic approach where the incentives are to HEAL and PREVENT disease. We care for our patients just like the old days where the doctor knows you and treats you like family.

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