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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

METSI CARE is personalized, high-quality care for you and your family where you get unlimited visits with a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician who can manage 80-90% of your healthcare needs all for one-low monthly price.

If. you have any additional questions after reading our FAQs, please feel free to call or text us at 512-729-5575 to set up a FREE phone call with Dr. Garrick to get your further questions answered.

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METSI Care is a Direct Primary Care doctor’s office located at 1614 E. 6th Street, Unit #106 that provides affordable, personalized and accessible Primary Care to our members. We provide Primary Care/Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Mental Health Services, Women’s Health Care, and Integrative Holistic Medicine all under one roof. The care is provided by our doctor, Dr. Garrick M. Baskerville, who brings 16 years of experience.


Please see our website ( for more information.


What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

DPC is a new model of healthcare where patients become the priority again like it used to be instead of the corporate greed of hospitals and insurance companies. Think of DPC like a Netflix subscription where you have access to unlimited visits (via in-person, video or telephone) with your own personal private doctor for one low monthly fee. It’s like having a doctor in your own family that focuses on putting the patents first and restoring the patient-doctor relationship. 


What are the benefits of METSI care over traditional insurance based care?



Traditional Insurance 

30-60 minute visits 

7-8 minute visits 

Personalized care

Often times not personalized 

Same day or next day appointments 

22 days wait to see your doctor 

Many tests and procedures are done by your doctor

Many unnecessary referrals to specialists due to running out of time

Healthcare made simpler- All your visits are included for one low monthly rate

Many other fees on top of your monthly premiums including co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered services 

Discounted labs, imaging, and medications 

Insurance rates for labs, imaging, and medications are often more than our cash rates. See below

CBC - $10

CBC - $42

TSH - $10

TSH - $48

Vitamin D level - $20

Vitamin D level - $300

EKG - Included

EKG - $300-600

Laceration repair - included 


CT Scan - $250-450


MRI - $450-750



One of the biggest differences that sets METSI Care apart from traditional insurance based practices is you get more time with your doctor (Dr. Garrick) during your appointment which gives him the ability to discuss more of your concerns and treat them in house instead of referring out to specialists for something he’s trained to do because he ran out of time. 


Patients are given 30-60 minutes appointments instead of the traditional 7-8 minutes they usually have with a doctor. We also have same day and next day appointments available which means you no longer have to wait weeks to be seen when you are sick. There are no co-pays, deductibles, or surprise bills. 


Members also have access to discounted labs and pathology (approx. 60-90% off the regular rate), imaging (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, mammograms), and prescriptions. Procedures like stitches, drainage of wounds, and EKGs are also included in the membership. We offer same day and next day, 30-60 minute appointments so your employees can be seen promptly and are not rushed out the door.


At METSI, we remove the intrusiveness of health insurance and deliver affordable and personal care, unparalleled by any other model. 


Who is the Doctor at METSI Care?

As a member of METSI Care, you and your employees will have access to your own personal doctor, Dr. Garrick M. Baskerville. He graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in 2003 and then Penn State Hershey College of Medicine in 2007. He then graduated from his Family Medicine Residency Program at Christiana Care Health System in 2010. Dr. Garrick is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been practicing Medicine for over 15 years. He has specialized training and experience in Primary Care, Preventative Medicine, Women’s Health, Mental Health, Sports Medicine, Work Injury Care, and Dermatology. 


Dr. Garrick is a national speaker where he has spoken at various professional medical conferences including for the American Academy of Family Practice, the SXSW conference in 2019, numerous schools and professional organizations, various podcasts, and is featured in a story on Amazon Prime called Music & Mental Health that debuted in January of 2023. Dr. Garrick is also a doctor for Amazon Prime and HBO productions that are filmed in Austin, TX and surrounding areas where he cares for celebrities.


Do you offer Concierge services?

Yes, as a Concierge member, you will have the access to your own private doctor, Dr. Garrick, after hours and on the weekends. As a concierge member, there are also other amazing benefits, including a comprehensive blood panel, Executive EKG, the availability of advanced cancer screenings, and the availability for Dr. Garrick to come treat you at your home or office. If you are interested in our Concierge service, please call to schedule a time to talk with Dr. Garrick. You can call us at 512-729-5575.


What are the services available at METSI Care?

Primary Care

Urgent care

Mental health care

Woman’s Health

Sports Medicine

Preventive care

Integrative Medicine 

Alternative/holistic medicine

Diet and nutrition counseling

Access to discounted vitamins and supplements 

General health and wellness

Smoking cessation

Healthy lifestyle counseling

General Wound Care

General Physicals

School Physicals

Sports Physicals

Obesity Management

Testosterone therapy 

Access to discounted labs, x-rays, CT scans, MRIS, ultrasounds, mammograms, and medications 

Medical Cannibus

IV Hydration therapy

CBD (use Chase bank reader for this)


Physical Therapy services available on site through Latitude Physical Therapy for additional fees.  


What procedures are included in the membership?

Skin repair with sutures/staples

Skin tag/mole/wart removal

Skin biopsies

Basic wound care

Abscess incision and drainage

Ingrown nail repair

Ear wax removal

Foreign body removal (e.g. from skin, ear, etc.)

Treatment of sprains, strains and minor fractures

Joint injections

Trigger point injection



What does “METSI” mean?

“METSI” stands for water in the Sesotho language of South Africa. 


Can I come to METSI Care if I have Medical Insurance?

Yes. Although we do not bill insurance for your visits, you can still use your health insurance for care provided outside of our office including labs, imaging, medications, hospitalizations, specialists, etc. Our patients with insurance, especially those with high deductible plans, often save money because they do not have to worry about paying expensive co-pays, deductibles, or surprise bills. 


Do I still need insurance?

We advocate that all of our patients have an appropriate plan in place to help protect against the financial devastation that could occur from a medical catastrophe.  It is wise to be prepared especially since medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

Most patients in our DPC practice have some form of health insurance coverage. These plans range from employer sponsored coverage to individual plans to Medicare and Medicaid plans.  Additionally, some of our patients have found the cost sharing programs such as Samaritan MinistriesMedi-Share, and Liberty Direct a great pairing with their DPC membership.

However, having health insurance has never equaled having healthcare.  With so many insurance plans now having a $5000-$8000 deductible, patients are paying everything out of pocket anyway.  Insurance doesn’t kick in until something truly major happens.

A DPC membership allows patients to save money on healthcare and have a better relationship with their physician regardless of their insurance plan.  So if your plan doesn’t cover much, come to our practice to save on your out of pocket costs.  If your plan covers everything, come to our practice to have longer visits and more time to work through your health concerns.  If you’re healthy, never go to the doctor, and have a fully paid for plan from your employer, then congratulations.  You’re in a great place, but the majority of people in our area need help.  That’s what DPC does.  It helps.




Is METSI Care Insurance?

No. METSI Care is a Direct Primary Care doctor’s office where we can take care of 80-90% of our patient’s needs. For catastrophic events, we still recommend you some sort of coverage like a high deductible insurance plan or health share plan for emergencies, hospitalizations, specialists, and any other care that is performed outside of our office.

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