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Our Services

Direct Primary Care

Unlimited In-Office and Telemedicine Visits

Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments

Access to Advanced Vitamin, Allergy,

Hormone, Genetic & Gut Testing

Early Cancer Testing

Nutrition Counseling

Mental Health Care

No Co-Pays or Deductibles


Concierge Care

All the benefits of DPC plus:

2-6 Home Visits/year

Weekend Access

Personalized Long Term Health

Comprehensive Blood Panel

Nutrition Testing included

Early Cancer Screenings

Executive EKG yearly

Platinum Membership includes our avant-garde testings

IV Therapy

B 12 Shots


Myer's Cocktail

Athletic Performance

Rehydration + Energy Boost

Immune Boost

Cold/Flu Drip

Liver Support Drip



Performance Package

Genetic testing to help your performance.

Quarterly Full Blood Panels

Hormone testing

Cardiovascular health

Nutritional testing

Weight management

Discounts to our local partners

Supplement recommendations

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